5 Died, Timor-Leste Sets Highest Daily Death Record

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DILI, news-viptv.com – Timor-Leste recorded its highest daily death toll of 5 people for the first time since this half-island country reported its first COVID-19 case in 2020.

The 5 deaths were reported directly by the Coordinator of the Task Force – Center for the Prevention and Mitigation of the COVID-19 outbreak, Dr. Rui Maria de Araujo in his press release published today, Tuesday (17/8/2021), at 18.30 Timor-Leste Time.

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“The latest deaths reported today, 17 August 2021, there were 5, two adults, 3 babies died in the mother’s womb, the total death to date is 38,” explained Dr. Rui.

He explained that the two adults who were reported to have died were 41-year-old men from Ermera, diagnosed on August 9, 2021, with Acute Respiratory Insufficiency Syndrome who tested positive for COVID-19 (Cycle Threshold: E gene 31.7). The patient also has a history of chronic anemia due to Multiple Myeloma (a type of leukemia). Evacuated directly to the Vera Cruz Isolation on the same date and received treatment according to the COVID-19 protocol.

Another adult, a 37-year-old woman, died on August 17, at 01.00 am in the process of giving birth, and the baby in her womb did not survive either. Previously also tested positive for COVID-19.

Two other babies were also declared dead in the womb at 28 weeks and 33 weeks, respectively. The baby’s mothers are all positive for COVID-19. However, both the baby’s mother is in stable condition and under treatment.

In addition to reporting the latest death toll, he also reported 247 new cases of which 192 were from Dili, Ermera 24, Bobonaro 12, RAEOA 12, and Baucau 6. With the addition of these new patients, the total active cases are 2,349.

“The total number of new cures is 37, the total cases are 12,929,” explained Dr. Rui.

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