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President Ramos-Horta Confirm Pope Francis Visit to Timor-Leste

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President Ramos-Horta offered the Pope a typical “tais” cloth with an image of Pope Francis painted by a local craftsman; a rosary made with sandalwood stones; and some East Timorese coffee produced from beans consumed by native marsupials. Photo: Media PR
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DILI, – President of the Republic, José Ramos-Horta, held his first official meeting with Pope Francis after being elected as Head of State for Timor-Leste at the Santa Marta Basilica, Vatican City, Monday (22/1/2024).

“He (Holy Father) is happy with Timor-Leste. He cares for and accompanies the situation and confirms he wants to visit Timor-Leste,” said President Ramos-Horta after the meeting.

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Through the press release, regarding this visit, according to President Ramos-Horta, the date will be officially announced by the Timorese Catholic Church together with the Holy See, but depends on the delegation from the Vatican that will arrive in Dili this January to study mechanisms, especially to survey logistics and infrastructure for His Holiness’ visit.

After discussing the RDTL visit, the two leaders also discussed the world situation including the situation in Myanmar: “I briefed the analysis of the situation to the Holy Father who is very worried about the humanitarian and military situations that have not allowed the flowering of that nation,” stated President Ramos-Horta.

The solution for all the discussed situations, including mediation through negotiation to avoid provoking a worse civil war, as also happened in Gaza and Ukraine. The meeting also discussed the issue of world debt for underdeveloped nations including hunger problems worldwide.

“The Holy Father also appreciates the relationship between church and state which goes independently without interfering with each other, but collaborates institutionally as Timorese. As Head of State I am always proud to bring Timor to the world even though the country is small but the world recognizes it and many nations consider it,” said Ramos-Horta.

President Ramos-Horta explained that the Holy Father always accompanied the Timorese people’s struggle for independence, also knowing all the sacrifices including admiration for Timor-Leste’s reconciliation with Indonesia which is considered a unique reconciliation in the world despite the past violence.

Thus, the Head of State explained that the reconciliation happened thanks to “the leadership of Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, who was dedicated to the struggle and dedicated to reconciliation.” In conclusion, the President of the Republic asked all the people “to pray for the Holy Father’s health,” so he can visit Timor-Leste in the coming months this year.

Concluding the meeting with Pope Francis, President Horta and his delegation continued the meeting with the Vatican’s Prime Minister, Cardinal Pietro Parolin and the Vatican’s Secretary of State for International Relations, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, to discuss plans for the Holy Father’s visit this year.

In this official visit, the Head of State was accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bendito Freitas, Ambassador of Timor-Leste to the Holy See, Cheloé Tilman Dindo, Chief of Staff of the Presidency of the Republic, Jesuína Maria Ferreira Gomes, International Affairs Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic, Nelson dos Santos and others.

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