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Northern Territory Ready for Emergency Management Cooperation with Timor-Leste

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Commisioner Jamie Chalker visiting the national fire station in Dili City. Photo: Media APC
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DILI,  – The Government of the Northern Territory is ready to establish cooperation with Timor-Leste in the field of Civil Protection, especially in emergency services.

The Northern Territory Commisioner Police, Fire and Emergency Service, Jamie Chalker in a press statement with the Secretary of State for the Civil Protection of Timor-Leste, Joaquim Gusmão Martins emphasized that his party is ready to become a strong partner for this neighboring country.

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Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Service, Commisioner Jamie Chalker pictured with Timor-Leste Vice Minister of Interior, Antonio Armindo and Secretary of State for Civil Protection Joaquim G. Martins. Photo: Media APC

“We want to make sure that with a close partner and a strong relationship with Timor Leste, that we are here to provide our experience and share the learned lessons that we’ve had in dealing with these responses,” said Chalker, Tuesday (21/3/2023), at the TLPDP Office, Palm Business Center, Dili.

He was also informed that his party had just experienced a significant flood event in the Northern Territory where it had to evacuate three communities with more than 600 people needing to be relocated, including trying to rebuild the community from flood inundation.

Australia´s support through the Australian Aid Program focusses on providing technical advice to buil national disaster management capacity and strengthening community resilience to the impacts of dissaster. Our support valued at around AUD8 million between 2022-2027, is delivered through a range of program by 27 patners across 10 municipalities

Australian stand ready to provide emergency assitance in support of local responses to disasters such as food and emergency supplies, logistical support and personnel. We provideed AUD7.5 million in funding for Timor Leste´s april 2021 floods response, including for relief and food supplies and medical assistance

Also support the humanitarian and disaster response capability of the Timor-Leste Defence Force (F-FDTL) and Timor-Leste Police Force (PNTL).

A number of new programs are currently being designed which will support Timor-Leste to increase its resilience to disasters in the future.

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